Julian’s Toyota HiAce Campervan (1982 RH32RV)

So this story begins and Mudjima, Queensland. Julian’s a regular at the “Christian Surfers” and we are at “The Island”, drinking coffee and chatting after a spell on the beach. Jules has been doing his best to stay out of the ocean because of an ear infection and I’m encouraging him by saying that he’s learning […]


Yanmar YM14 Diesel Tractor

The Yanmar YM14 2 is a versatile a two cylinder diesel tractor lawnmower, which was  manufactured in 1983. My YM14 is the probably the most reliable ride on lawmaker I have ever owned although, sticky speaking the YM14 is a tractor not a lawnmower. The deck had been designed to be easily removed and reattached with […]


An Example of Elastic Home Living, (MVP) Minimum Viable Product

Congratulation to this young family who built and moved into a Tiny House in South Australia.  (It’s great to have your space on you parents property to settle on.) Their concept this is quite similar to what I imagine an Elastic Home to be like, (except that the modular elastic homes I’ve been thinking about […]

One Can of Paint (Before and After)

Last week … was spent scraping paint off skirtings and architraves in our bedroom, to try to make a clean line between two colours ( white and purple … called brassica like the vegetables) It was supremely boring, and tedious, to say the least. The walls and ceiling are all textured, so it makes it […]

Views of Havilah House

I’m quite fortunate to live on 2 acres, this home has so much potential, I am pleased the I cleared out much of the garden and made it easier to manage however I do regret cutting and clearing some of the trees and shrubs, most notable the frangipani tree. and the agapanthus, the tree ferns […]

Avocado, Bannana, Blue Berries, Lime, Passion Fruit and Paw Paw,

So if I have an aspiration for 2017 it’s to plant Avocado, Bannana, Blue Berries, Lime, Passion Fruit and Paw Paw, at Havilah House. There is a particular variety of lime that Steve Childs told me about which I would like to get. As for the passionfruit I have started planting these in 2017, and have […]