Less time, no time – The “earn more” or “spend less” dilemma

Less time, no time – The “earn more” or “spend less” dilemma Any small business owner knows that keeping costs low is critical to success. The same applies to bailing out of the rat race. It can’t be done unless costs are low, or income is high, of course both would be nice. However, there […]

Havilah House Music Room

http://www.small-cabins.com/havilah-house/havilah-house-habitat/ I have been working towards making a music room in the garage, (below the four upstairs bedrooms).  I have mostly used recycled material.   The project has been quite time consuming and is still incomplete. The idea is to have a retreat of sorts, a place for members of the family to find some […]

Adam and Chris: Making a Bird box

This was our attempt at building a bird box, it might be our only one, but I hope not 🙂 “Freestyle” … no dimension plans, in other words just making it up as we go along. The idea was to try to think of something useful, and then try to make it out of “nothing”. […]

Escaping the Rat race …are you in or out ? How to decide where to begin.

Escaping the Rat Race … are you in or out ? How to decide where to begin. So if one bails out of the rat race, then one is no longer living the normal “city type” life style. Obvious really. But whilst you’re in the rat race, it’s not something one thinks about. There seems to be […]

Making a Panel Table

Over the last two weekends, I built  a Panel Table out of recycled timber.  We have a fairly small kitchen, and I felt it would make sense to have the kitchen equipment we most often used more visible and readily available, because we don’t have the space to store kitchen appliances and electronics on on the […]