Bread: Making our own products one at at time.

When I look at the ingredients list on a loaf of bread in my local superstore, I can’t believe that all of these ingredients listed on the label, are there just for my benefit. I think that most of this incomprehensible long list is there to ease the manufacturing process, or to prolong the shelf […]

Growing Power: Will Allen’s Urban Farm

We wanted to grow our own vegetables, but life in the US is very busy, nobody has much spare time, certainly not time enough to chat about their backyard operations or even if they have one ( very unlikely). My local library has tons of books about gardening and veggie growing but it is really […]

Can you really live off 1.5 acres?  The Market Gardner: Jean-Martin Fortier

We thought that this year we would make the effort and attend the Mother Earth News Fair of 2015, on the 8th & 9th of August in West Bend, Wisconsin.  (we currently subscribe to the magazine Mother Earth News One of the people that I wanted to see was Jean-Martin Fortier. He is a chap […]

Strawberry Jam: Making our own “products” one at a time.

This jam contains only three ingredients: strawberries, cane sugar and lemon juice. Done. Safety Warning: Don’t let the mixture boil over ! It creates one hell of a mess, not to mention on an open gas flame it may catch fire … and sugar has an awful lot of energy in it. ( my Mom […]

So where on earth are we going to live? if we bail out the Rat Race.

So where on earth are we going to live? if we bail out the rat race. For most people if we have been slaving away in the rat race we are looking for more, for bigger, or larger, for more space, more everything. We are most definitely not thinking about smaller, cheaper, or less. It […]

What does bailing out the Rat Race actually mean?

What does bailing out the rat race actually mean? It means different things to different people: I think that there is a continuum, with the polar opposites at each end being the crazy “I-have-no-time-to-live-my-life” at one end, and far at the other end, “I-have-all-the-time-in-the-world- life”. Our “more is better” rather than “better is better” commercial advertising […]