Julian’s Toyota HiAce Campervan (1982 RH32RV)

So this story begins and Mudjima, Queensland. Julian’s a regular at the “Christian Surfers” and we are at “The Island”, drinking coffee and chatting after a spell on the beach. Jules has been doing his best to stay out of the ocean because of an ear infection and I’m encouraging him by saying that he’s learning […]

Notes for Kars the Architect

These notes are for Kars the Architect who has helped me plan the interior of some of the rooms in my home,  I hope these photos will give Kars a feel for where I live and what I like. I feel its important to have different spaces and regions within a home, and these areas should […]

A Cabin and the possibilities it has to offer

Recently a friend of my offered my his Cabin, its located in Mount Mee, so if I accept I will need to dismantle, relocate and then rebuild it on my property. These are some photos I took of the property in 2014 when we first went up to look at his cabin. Cabin in Mount […]

Fix One Thing Each Day

We all have things to do each day and we feel that we must do what we know before we make our lists that we simply could not do everything on the list because we have a finite amount of time available each day (and we don’t know how many days we have left) and […]

Havilah House Music Room

http://www.small-cabins.com/havilah-house/havilah-house-habitat/ I have been working towards making a music room in the garage, (below the four upstairs bedrooms).  I have mostly used recycled material.   The project has been quite time consuming and is still incomplete. The idea is to have a retreat of sorts, a place for members of the family to find some […]

Making a Panel Table

Over the last two weekends, I built  a Panel Table out of recycled timber.  We have a fairly small kitchen, and I felt it would make sense to have the kitchen equipment we most often used more visible and readily available, because we don’t have the space to store kitchen appliances and electronics on on the […]