Building a Chicken Coop

Last winter, (I think it was last winter), Julian and I built a chicken coop.  It was a fantastic father and son project and we had a lot of fun and it took a lot longer than we thought it would.  I thought this time I would try documenting it using a video social assembler as […]

Planter Box at the Start of Autumn

At the request of my lovely wife Lydia, I got round to making my first planter box and as usual I got my design inspiration on Pinterest and found some boxes I liked,  I modified the design to suit the materials I had available. I ought to give credit to my friends Chris and Marge who live […]

Elastic Homes and Living

The terms “Elastic Home” or Elastic Housing” are terms I coined, and refers mainly to the idea that the home you live in should grow and shrink to meet the needs of your family as you journey through life. Imagine for a moment that you were going camping with your family and your children asked if […]

Building a 10 x 12 Log Cabin in the Rocky Mountains with a 7 Foot Deck

Part One – Build Your own Log Cabin     The Completed Project

Cabin for less than $500

Log Cabin for less than $500 build in 8 months.  

Grow your own Home

Follow my thoughts and allow me to convince you why we ought to dream, design, build and live differently. We need to build dwellings that expand and grow as our families grow. My arguments hinge around some of my own house buying experiences, however don’t let this stop you from a wondering what it may […]