Havilah House Habitat

This is what it’s like at Havilah House. We have a very friendly and relaxing home.  If you are interested in helping us fix it up please apple at http://www.helpx.net  I put put these pictures so that there are no illusions about the type of accommodation we offer.



Havilah House Front

Front of House

The front of Havilah House, there is now a footpath in the front of the home

Driveway Entrance to Havilah House

Our front driveway

Garden after the rains 02

This photo is taken from the centre of the garden looking towards the home

Garden after the rains 01

This photo is taken further down the garden looking up to the main residence,  about 100 meters behind me is the Coochin Creek

Down by the Creek after the Rain

This photo is taken about 10 meters from the Coochin Creek looking up towards the garden

Floods still high on the garden

This is an unusual photo of the creek in flood, that is my woodpile on the far right which washed away after the flood rose higher

River level dropping down after teh rain

River after the flood starting to recede to it’s normal level

French or Itialian Dinner

These are a few backpackers passing through

Visitors and Friends for a Song

A relaxing evening with some backpackers


Other Living Areas in Havilah House

The Music Room

Havilah House Habitat

Havilah House – Living Room and TV Room

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