Pittford Backyard Cottage

I often think that something like this will be fantastic,  I have the space. How does one go about doing this inexpensively? Pittsford Backyard Cottage Cost is the Pain Point for me, how does affordably create a new space?

Richard Neutra – Architect

Richard Neutra was an Austrian-American architect. Living and building for the majority of his career in Southern California, he came to be considered among the most important modernist architects. Richard Joseph Neutra (April 8, 1892 – April 16, 1970) Vienna University of Technology (1910–1918). Homes Designed by Richard Neutra  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Richard_Neutra_buildings

Tent Living

This is a fun idea and one I could do in Australia, a friend of mine has a tent cabin and it works really quite nicely. Here is another example of tent living

Havilah House Plans

A collection of Havilah House plans. Havilah House Plan – September 2010 (PDF) 3.2 MB Havilah House Plan – JPG (JPG)  290 KB Havilah House Plan – TIFF (TIFF) 2.8 MB Property Drawings – 1975 [pdf-embedder url=”http://www.small-cabins.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/Havilah-Ground-Floor-2016.pdf”]

Notes for Kars the Architect

These notes are for Kars the Architect who has helped me plan the interior of some of the rooms in my home,  I hope these photos will give Kars a feel for where I live and what I like. I feel its important to have different spaces and regions within a home, and these areas should […]

Bread: Making our own products one at at time.

When I look at the ingredients list on a loaf of bread in my local superstore, I can’t believe that all of these ingredients listed on the label, are there just for my benefit. I think that most of this incomprehensible long list is there to ease the manufacturing process, or to prolong the shelf […]