Making a Panel Table

Over the last two weekends, I built  a Panel Table out of recycled timber.  We have a fairly small kitchen, and I felt it would make sense to have the kitchen equipment we most often used more visible and readily available, because we don’t have the space to store kitchen appliances and electronics on on the […]

Bailing out of the Rat Race

So about four years ago we bailed out of the rat race. There were a couple of reasons. We both worked in the big smoke (in London,UK), both commuted across the city We didn’t see much of our only child, he went to breakfast-club before school, then to school itself, and then to after-school-care. We […]

Grow your own flowers from seed

Lots of flowers for just a few dollars. So we tell ourselves that growing flowers from seed must be awfully difficult, and only for serious gardeners with lots of practical experience, and definitely not grown by me. Well, no, actually, it’s the exact opposite!!!  It’s counter intuitive. If you know nothing about growing flowers, then […]

Building a Chicken Coop

Last winter, (I think it was last winter), Julian and I built a chicken coop.  It was a fantastic father and son project and we had a lot of fun and it took a lot longer than we thought it would.  I thought this time I would try documenting it using a video social assembler as […]

Sometimes you have to chop them down

We have had this palm tree,  (golden cane), since we moved into the Havilah House and because of where it’s located right outside the carport which I need to make it a little more accessible. Mark has helped me for years, and if I had documented everything he has helped me with this blog would […]

Planter Box at the Start of Autumn

At the request of my lovely wife Lydia, I got round to making my first planter box and as usual I got my design inspiration on Pinterest and found some boxes I liked,  I modified the design to suit the materials I had available. I ought to give credit to my friends Chris and Marge who live […]