Yanmar YM14 Diesel Tractor

The Yanmar YM14 2 is a versatile a two cylinder diesel tractor lawnmower, which was  manufactured in 1983. My YM14 is the probably the most reliable ride on lawmaker I have ever owned although, sticky speaking the YM14 is a tractor not a lawnmower. The deck had been designed to be easily removed and reattached with […]

Views of Havilah House

I’m quite fortunate to live on 2 acres, this home has so much potential, I am pleased the I cleared out much of the garden and made it easier to manage however I do regret cutting and clearing some of the trees and shrubs, most notable the frangipani tree. and the agapanthus, the tree ferns […]

Havilah House Plans

A collection of Havilah House plans. Havilah House Plan – September 2010 (PDF) 3.2 MB Havilah House Plan – JPG (JPG)  290 KB Havilah House Plan – TIFF (TIFF) 2.8 MB Property Drawings – 1975 [pdf-embedder url=””]

Notes for Kars the Architect

These notes are for Kars the Architect who has helped me plan the interior of some of the rooms in my home,  I hope these photos will give Kars a feel for where I live and what I like. I feel its important to have different spaces and regions within a home, and these areas should […]

Photovoltaic Solar Power Journey: Installation

My electricity bill for the past 3 perhaps 4 years has been about $700 a quarter, ( thats $175 dollars each month),  a lot of money for warm baths and TV. We’re a large family of 6 and looking at the website usage estimate $700 seems reasonable for a fridge, swimming pool pump, 5 bedroom […]

Preparing to build a Boma (Outdoor Fire Pit)

I recently spent all of December 2015 in South Africa and while I was there I was once again convinced that Architecture is much more of an influence on society and upon our emotional and psychological well being than we give due credit to. So for example if we look at something as simple as fire, which […]