Building a Stockpile Enclosure

Anyone who has owned property and a home knows that sooner or later you need to choose a place to store materials and equipment, and if you delay the choice, the materials and equipment will choose a place of their own. It’s with this in mind that I consider the past 12 or 13 years that […]

A Cabin and the possibilities it has to offer

Recently a friend of my offered my his Cabin, its located in Mount Mee, so if I accept I will need to dismantle, relocate and then rebuild it on my property. These are some photos I took of the property in 2014 when we first went up to look at his cabin. Cabin in Mount […]

Havilah House – Swimming Pool

We have an amazing and interesting swimming pool, here are a few photos of our pool, which was build in 1964 and has a significant amount of history.   Catherine at the pool,  I had the sun screen up overhead, but the pool is a chlorinated salt water pool which rusted out the steep posts […]

Havilah House – Living Room and TV Room

The Living room and TV Room are alongside one another and where we spend much of our family time however sometime you need to be able to get away from it all which is why I’m working on the Music Room (in Australia this is sometimes called the Rumpus Room).  A recreation room (also known […]

Havilah House Habitat

This is what it’s like at Havilah House. We have a very friendly and relaxing home.  If you are interested in helping us fix it up please apple at  I put put these pictures so that there are no illusions about the type of accommodation we offer. The front of Havilah House, there […]

Fix One Thing Each Day

We all have things to do each day and we feel that we must do what we know before we make our lists that we simply could not do everything on the list because we have a finite amount of time available each day (and we don’t know how many days we have left) and […]