Julian’s Toyota HiAce Campervan (1982 RH32RV)

So this story begins and Mudjima, Queensland. Julian’s a regular at the “Christian Surfers” and we are at “The Island”, drinking coffee and chatting after a spell on the beach. Jules has been doing his best to stay out of the ocean because of an ear infection and I’m encouraging him by saying that he’s learning […]


An Example of Elastic Home Living, (MVP) Minimum Viable Product

Congratulation to this young family who built and moved into a Tiny House in South Australia.  (It’s great to have your space on you parents property to settle on.) Their concept this is quite similar to what I imagine an Elastic Home to be like, (except that the modular elastic homes I’ve been thinking about […]

Pittford Backyard Cottage

I often think that something like this will be fantastic,  I have the space. How does one go about doing this inexpensively? Pittsford Backyard Cottage Cost is the Pain Point for me, how does affordably create a new space?

Tent Living

This is a fun idea and one I could do in Australia, a friend of mine has a tent cabin and it works really quite nicely. Here is another example of tent living

A Cabin and the possibilities it has to offer

Recently a friend of my offered my his Cabin, its located in Mount Mee, so if I accept I will need to dismantle, relocate and then rebuild it on my property. These are some photos I took of the property in 2014 when we first went up to look at his cabin. Cabin in Mount […]

Elastic Homes and Living

The terms “Elastic Home” or Elastic Housing” are terms I coined, and refers mainly to the idea that the home you live in should grow and shrink to meet the needs of your family as you journey through life. Imagine for a moment that you were going camping with your family and your children asked if […]